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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  March 24, 2016 1:05am-1:35am EDT

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happens live." >> do you feel guilty? >> i do. but i mean, at the same time, what am i going to do? >> he didn't mean -- >> i did everything i could to get her out of it. didn't work. >> reporter: a judge allowing them to serve their sentences consecutively so someone could be home to care for their four daughters. >> love, love, love, love you. >> did you know you were committing a crime? >> definitely not. the government saw it differently. >> reporter: in her first tv interview after her release, guidice spoke to amy robach about how it felt to be reunited with her husband. >> what was the like seeing joe? >> it was amazing, oh my god. couldn't keep his hands off of me. i'm like, honey! >> it had been a long time. >> yes. >> reporter: there could be more than years of jail time separating joe and teresa now. he still faces possible deportation to italy. >> would you move to italy with the girls if that ended up becoming reality? >> we're just taking one day at a time. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news, guidice's lawyer said it was obviously a very
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they will get through this just as they did when teresa was away. for "nightline," i'm rebecca jarvis in new york. >> the dalai lama has spoken often, not about reality tv, but the reality of war and terror. after 9/11 he said, the hour has come for us to demonstrate at the highest level our most extraordinary thought about who we really are. there are two possible responses to what has happened. the first comes from love. the second from fear. thank you for watching abc news. tune into "good morning america" tomorrow. and as always we're online at
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gut-wrenching new video tonight moments after the bombs went off inside the airport in brussels. tonight the country standing together as police learned more about the terrorists. >> former cop peter liang convicted of killing an unarmed man in brooklyn facing years in prison now could be facing just probation. good evening at 11:00. i'm bill ritter. >> and i'm sade baderinwa. tonight the brooklyn district attorney recommending liang be sentenced to house arrest for the shooting death of akai gurley. no surprise, gurley's family is outraged over the decision. >> eyewitness news reporter carolina leid talking to the family tonight in jersey city. >> akai gurley's aunt spoke here at their church, the family's church here in jersey city. she's speak on behalf of his parents who now live out of state and says the entire family was blindsided by this recommendation.
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>> reporter: akai gurley's family says the public knew before they did about the brooklyn district attorney's recommendation to the court to give former officer peter liang probation, not jail time. the rookie cop was convicted last month of manslaughter for shooting and killing akai gurley in a poorly lit stairwell in east new york back in november 2014. the 28-year-old father was unarmed. >> a jury of his peers convicted him of manslaughter, so you're telling me that the jury got it wrong? no, they did not. it's absurd the da did not recommend jail time. >> reporter: the da is asking liang to get five years probation including six months of home confinement. police union leaders explained police officers are human beings and as such can make mistakes while risking their lives to protect the community. criminalizing a mistake even a
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this serves no good purpose. the reason cited by the da for justifying no jail time in this tragedy are the very same reasons that the officer should not have been indicted in the first place. borough president eric adams says he's not sure if he would have made the same call as the da. >> there are no winners. a family lost his son. and now we have an officer that was on trial and guilty so there are no winners here. >> sentencing for peter liang is scheduled for april 14. reporting live in jersey city, carolina leid, channel 7 eyewitness news. a frantic effort tonight in brussels to find at least one terrorist who got away from the suicide bombing attack at the airport yesterday. they're worried about more attacks that might be planned right now. cops also now believe the man who made the bombs for the brussels attack is the same bomb
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in paris last fall. the death toll now at least 31 but it's likely to rise because of the 300 people hurt, 61 are in intensive care. at the site of the attacks tonight a memorial growing. eyewitness news reporter aj ross is in brussels with that story for us. but we'll begin with eyewitness news reporter jim dolan with the latest on the investigation. >> there's little doubt now that the attacks in belgium yesterday and those in paris last november were carried out by the same isis cell, based in two low income mostly muslim neighborhoods in brussels. the man long believed to be the builder of the bombs that rocked a paris soccer stadium was one of the suicide bombers who died in the airport attack. the attacker who got away is europe's most wanted man. >> reporter: a desperate father scans the smoke-filled bombed out airport in brussels, praying to find his son in the madness. it is carnage. it goes on forever.
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the aftermath. a soldier carries a victim on his back. people fleeing to safety. and today the government struck back and raided homes and hideouts in several muslim neighborhoods in brussels, in one, finding 30 pounds of tatp, the explosive used in the november paris attacks. so it made sense when police today finally identified the man on the far left of the now famous airport photograph that shows all three of the airport bombers. he's 24-year-old najim el laachraoui. we learned one of the brothers, ibrahim el bakraoui, was deported from turkey with a warning he was an extremist, but -- >> the belgians later set the person in question free. >> reporter: telling abc news
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organized and determined terror cells in low income neighborhoods in europe make additional attacks there likely. >> my top priority is to defeat isil. >> the unidentified man who escaped the airport attacks is the focus of the brussels manhunt but authorities believe he was just one member of a much larger terrorist organization that may be on the run but still has weapons and still has explosives and is still determined to kill westerners. many in europe now what they fear will be a long and violent summer. the airport in brussels will remain closed tomorrow and the memorial there continues to grow. candles, flowers, and touching notes of love honoring the 31 people killed and the hundreds more injured. eyewitness news reporter aj ross is in belgium for us tonight. >> reporter: this growing memorial here serving as a symbol of hope and a beacon of light after one of the darkest days brussels has ever seen.
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the people of brussels are resilient, rising above fear, embracing hope. lifting their voices in unison from the heart of brussels, the belgian prime minister joined hundreds gathered lennon. people >> reporter: as hundreds more lay flowers, candles, and other mementos at this growing memorial. it was a powerful and emotional show of solidarity as many across brussels say they felt compelled to come to the city center, embracing one another, chanting and singing, showing the world brussels cannot be defeated by terror. >> at that particular moment i think we have to think and we have to share and to love each other. >> they need to show their affection and to share this moment i think as a community.
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particular is a big mix, a big mishmash of nationalities and it's good you see all people from everywhere here gathering. >> this father said he wanted to bring his father to show her the outpouring of peace and love that binds this heart broken city which encompasses many faiths. >> i am muslim and i want to show my daughters that islam is not the deeds. >> reporter: thoughts and prayers remain united across brussels as they continue to not only mourn but begin the difficult journey of healing. >> i feel something in my heart. i feel really good. when i look at everything, it's so beautiful. i feel so sad for the families of the people that got killed. >> i was scared yesterday but when i see everyone laughing, everyone has a smile on their faces, it means like it's not terror. >> i think it's a beautiful way to show support and it's a very peaceful gathering of people. >> reporter: while it's
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many people together, they say they plan to stand united through the healing process. aj ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> meanwhile, no sign yet today of a missing brother and sister from new york city who remain unaccounted after the terror attacks in belgium. sascha and alex pinczowski. we spoke with alex's future father-in-law. he said with every passing moment the family grows more concerned. >> it's been more than 24 hours now so we know there's a possibility that the news when it comes may not be good. >> sascha graduated at marymount college. both had been looking to make new york city their permanent homes. the terror attacks on the front burner in the race for president. ted cruz is in new york city raising money, blasting mayor de blasio for not
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senator cruz facing a campaign stint in the city trashed for its new york values, accusing mayor de blasio for acting politically correct for not profiling muslim neighborhoods in the fight against terrorism. >> when the heroes of the nypd stood up and turned their backs on mayor de blasio, they spoke not just for the men and women of new york, but for americans all across this nation. >> after that speech, commissioner bill bratton taking great offense to cruz's comments. today he pulled no punches when asked about the candidate's criticism. >> it's a good indication why he will not become president of the united states. there's almost a million muslims living in new york city. i have several thousands including new york officers many of whom are combat veterans. >> commissioner bratton said cruz's idea of profiling all muslims, bratton's words, is shameful. a crane will lift a sunken tug boat from the bottom of the
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third victim is believed to be trapped. the crane was brought in from out of state but took longer than expected to arrive. the tug boat sank on march 12th after crashing in to a construction barge near the tappan zee bridge. the bodies of two other crew members were recovered in the days after the crash. a flight attendant for jetblue arrested tonight in new york accused of trying to smuggle 70 pounds of cocaine in a carry-on bag at l.a.x. marsha gay reynolds accused of running out of l.a.x. after she was pulled over for special screening. she ditched her gucci heels and ran out of the airport barefoot. beautiful mild temperatures today. but you may feel a bit more of a chill tomorrow. meteorologist lee goldberg is here with details. >> warmest day of the week coming to a close. temperatures almost 20 degrees above average, in the low 70s. the winds are shifting at this hour.
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a chill in the air tomorrow. accuweather is coming up. a plea for help finding the suspects who gunned down a governor's aide. tonight we hear from his wife for the first time. >> also, caught on camera, a thief robs a grandmother holding
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caught on camera, a brazen thief steals a purse from a grandmother as her grandson sits on her lap. you can see the young man grab the purse on the grandmother's arm. february 26th when it happened, at the corner of commonwealth and east tremont avenues. police are still looking for the thief who's believed to be a teenager. new pictures released tonight of a man new york police say are killers. they've been looking for them for the last six months. the victim, carey gabay, caught in a gang crossfire. for the first time his grieving
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new yorkers to help catch her husband's killers. here's eyewitness news reporter josh einiger. >> reporter: life has marched on at the corner of bedford and montgomery. each passing day a reminder the pain hasn't stopped. >> it's been a very difficult and unimaginable time for our family. >> reporter: for the first time tranell gabay spoke about their loss. her husband gunned down on an annual night of joy. >> my husband never made it home due to the gang and gun violence. >> reporter: it happened last september in the midst of juve, an all night parade that celebrates the end of slavery and proceeds the annual west indian parade. then what police describe as a gun-related gun battle. surveillance video shows the stampede of panic. gabay, a legal aide to governor cuomo, never made it to safety. he was shot in the head, lay in the coma for a week before his family took him off life
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>> we have 11 full-time detectives working on this case. >> reporter: and those detectives are eager to question these four people, three men and a woman they believe were involved. two of them appeared in video cops released days after the shooting. police commissioner bill bratton says they all likely live close to the crime scene. someone knows who they are. >> next door neighbor. the guy who comes in to my bodega to buy a cup of coffee. it shouldn't be too hard for the community to rally around helping us contact these people to see if they can move this investigation farther down the line. >> gabay's widow is working with policer and event organizers to improve security at this year's event. the reward stands at $22,000 for whoever makes the call that cracks this case. in crown heights section of brooklyn, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. rescue teams pulling a
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stuck in the mud in the hackensack receiver. the man got stuck past his waist after he either fell out or got out of his kayak and the tide went out. a woman in a nearby home spotted him and called police. hackensack firefighters used rope and a board to pull him to a rescue boat. he's doing just fine. car mavens from around the world will show up for the auto show. the new porsche unveiled today. nearly a thousand cars and trucks will be on display through friday, april 3rd, all that happening at the javits center. a program reminder for you. our "in the fast lane" car show special airs saturday night at 7:00 here on channel 7 hosted by lee goldberg, amy freeze, and rob powers. don't forget to show us your pictures from the show using yias and #abc7ny. >> you've been in the fast lane with a lamborghini.
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to drive for different reasons. going to be fun. so there was a point this evening around 10:00 when from one side of the george washington bridge to the other, there was a 10-degree difference. it was in the 60s in manhattan. it was unt -- in the 50s in new jersey. a front is moving in to the area right now. cooler air is pouring in. 58 in new york city. but the wind shift has happened so we're at northeast wind at 5, not the mild southwest wind we had earlier. pressure is on the rise. the high today, 71. that's the warmest day of the week. look at that 5 degrees away from a record high will be a lot closer to normal highs tomorrow at 52. there are your sunrise and sunset times. expecting a dry day, but definitely more clouds. so ocean air and clouds are creeping in overnight. there's a huge range in temperatures tomorrow. it will be in the 40s in eastern long island. most of us in the 50s. then we've got rain coming in tomorrow night, rain first thing friday, and still the weekend is looking good.
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59 easter sunday is still looking good. in the upper 50s. although clouds may be increasing that day. you can see the northeast wind coming in. we've dropped in the low 40s in orange county and northwest new jersey and see the front's just gotten in to new york city right now. almost right over long island in the upper 40s. 59 in trenton but 46 in spart so this front continues to sink down and we're about 49 tomorrow morning. also low clouds are increasing during the morning hours. limited sun tomorrow with the east wind, low and mid 50s about new york city. north. winter weather advisories upstate for snow and ice. we don't have to be concerned about that but that front is right over us right now. noticeably cooler tomorrow. that front is connected to the blizzard in the rockies and the snows in the midwest. good news for the system for us, it's lifting to the north. we get on the warm side of it and get rain later tomorrow night in to friday. here's a closer futurecast to show you. coat.
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you need it during the day because limited sun especially from the city eastward and we're only in the mid and upper 50s. 40s east. interior parts of new jersey, whether it's flemmington or somerville or old bridge, a shot of the 60s. 56, more clouds. limited sun. a big range in temperature. tomorrow night, 54. cloudy, mild. look for rain to move in late. evening hours will be just fine. on friday we're back up to 69. able to bump that temperature up. i do thunk we're going to have rain at least in the morning. this futurecast a little slow with getting the rain out but i think we will. on saturday, looking beautiful at 59. sunshine. clouds gathering on easter sunday. i think we're good at 58 degrees with more rain moving in for early next week. jeff smith is in for bill evans tomorrow morning. coming up, how does this happen? a doctor accused of removing the wrong body part during surgery. >> a dramatic rescue. two cops saving a woman from a burning car. >> first let's check in with our
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coming up on the show tonight. >> thanks, bill. hello, new york. tonight from the boss, kristen bell.
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new at 11:00, a fiery crash and then a daring rescue. two sheriff's deputies. >> ma'am, stay with me. hey. stay with me. >> a woman trapped after a car collided with a tanker truck. this happened in florida. both vehicles bursting in to flames. a sheriff's deputy breaking a window with his baton tries to pull her out. a second deputy arrived. both braved the flames and were able to pull the woman to safety. a hospital in connecticut
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who claims surgeons removed the wrong body part. the patient had surgery last year at yale new haven hospital. according to the lawsuit, doctors removed the wrong rib even though the correct rib was clearly marked. yale hospital says it's committed to providing the safest care possible and says even the best organizations make medical mistakes. in tonight's health alert, working extra hours may be bad for your heart. researchers finding people who work more than 45 hours a week over the course of a decade had a higher risk of heart disease. that risk goes up for each additional work hour worked. 55-hour weeks were linked to a higher risk. we're going to talk to our bosses tomorrow morning about this. >> uh-oh. >> that should go very far. rob powers up next with sports. >> another busy night here. alex rodriguez talks about his future. but where exactly do we stand right now?
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talks about where his career might end and in the next, not so fast. plus, the knicks on the road in
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he's a yankee, appears to be a changed man, and apparently bigger changes are in the future. >> words of yogi, it ain't over till it's over. he told he had two seasons left but wouldn't commit to that later. the post, alex rodriguez, never boring. he said later today he'll play out his current contract then walk away from baseball but by the end of the day he kind of back tracked. stats plagued by p. e.d. use. we'll know what happens with his career in due time. yankees played a spring training game this afternoon against the nationals. masahiro tanaka, probable opening day starter. former yankee stephen drew clobbers the home run. nobody was really that good though, the yanks lost 13-0. mets battled the blue jays
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bartolo colon gave up only three hits in six scoreless innings. he was tough again today. he did hit toronto's troy tulowitzki with a pitch. x-rays were negative. they stuck in three runs in the bottom of the 9th. knicks in they've lost three straight. straight. carmelo anthony missed the last game with a migraine. he scored 24 points. bulls had trouble with him but they had the most trouble with chrisops porzingis. career high 29 points, 10 rebounds, some fans in chicago love it. knicks up by as many as 22. derrick rose helps close the gap in the 4th quarter. hit the 3. anthony responds. the knicks hang on, 115-108. big win on the road. same two teams tomorrow at the garden. tonight the garden was set for ranger hockey. big home game against the bruins. night started with a moment of silence in honor of the brussels tragedy. rangers started with a 2-point
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keith yandle, nice pass to stepan. henrik lundqvist kept the rangers in it. he had 39 saves. and the goals just kept on coming. jt miller is next. eight regular season games to go. in brooklyn the islanders took on the senators. brock nelson scores 21 seconds later. isles win it 3-1. 22 saves. he was the game's number one star. about the only thing he had


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